5 Things You Need to Know: Altadena Trail Closure Updates, Weekend Events

A round-up of important local stories and events.

1) One nugget of information deep in our coverage of meeting is that some trails that Altadena hikers and bikers use are likely to reopen around Memorial Day.  Unfortunately, the Forest Service is not being very specific in exactly which ones, but local supervisor Marty Dumpis said it will likely include some in the Millard Canyon and Arroyo Seco/JPL area. We'll continue to keep you updated as we figure it out.

2) Another thing worth mentioning that we didn't have space for in the originail article was some discussion about sediment removal in a back and forth between Arroyo Seco Foundation director Tim Brick and Angeles National Forest supervisor Marty Dumpis.  Brick accused the Forest Service of not being an active participant in discussion of how to handle the lack of capacity for further sediment in the forest's catch basins.  Dumpis, meanwhile, had some hard words for the county, suggesting that rather than coming up with a plan for getting some of the sediment down river, the county prefers to "pile it back up on the forest," by bringing the sediment back up to spots in the mountains.  It seems the one point of agreement is that L.A. County needs a better plan for how to deal with debris flow coming down from the mountains, a . 

2) We've mentioned it before, but Sunday is the to benefit the Huntington Hospital. 

3)  I'm loathe to mention it, because I'm tired of the royal wedding news coverage, but if you are looking for some way to enjoy it locally, here is on how to do it.

4) The is holding a 1 year anniversary on Sunday from 5 to 8 p.m. with food, music, and drink specials.  The Allan Wasserman Jazz Ensemble will be performing.


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