Shakespeare in the Park -- Our Park! This Sunday

"Two Gentleman of Verona" -- It will make you laugh, it may even make you smarter than you already are. At Farnsworth Park, 7 pm.

"I have no other but a woman's reason:
I think him so, because I think him so."

Two Gentlemen of Verona -- what's it about? Oh, the usual: Love, hate, jealousy, betrayal.  There are misunderstandings, cases of mistaken identity, outlaws, kidnapping, rescues, explanations, forgiveness ... and yada yada yada -- the hero and heroine hook up.

Hey, it's a comedy. If this were a Shakespearean tragedy, they'd die.

Can you think of a better way to spend a Sunday evening than listening to Shakespeare under the stars? The play is presented and performed by the fabulous Shakespeare By the Sea company. 


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