Sierra Club Offers Water Saving Tips During Drought Conditions

File photo.
File photo.
Governor Jerry Brown declared last week that California is in the middle of a drought, immediately calling for a 20 percent reduction in water consumption.

The Sierra Club, Angeles Chapter followed Brown's declaration with 10 tips to reduce water usage at home and identified some of the activities around the home that consume the most water:

"In a typical home, only one third of the water is used in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry; two thirds of the water goes to watering the yard, and the lawn is the thirstiest component. An estimated 50 million homes in America are landscaped with lawns. That’s a total of 32 million acres of lawn – an area larger than the state of Pennsylvania. Grass clippings are the nation’s largest irrigated crop," the Serra Club said.

To view the 10 tips for reducing water usage, visit the Sierra Club website.


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