Altadena and Sierra Madre Face Off in a CERT Smackdown. Be There

On 9/15, Altadena CERT and Sierra Madre CERT will demonstrate disaster preparedness techniques and engage in a little friendly competition. You're invited to observe, participate, or just eat a hot dog or two.

On September 15th, Altadena and Sierra Madre CERT teams will go toe-to-to while demonstrating some invaluable disaster-preparedness techniques. 

The competitive events will involve triage, first-aid, fire suppression, and more. I hope Altadena doesn't totally humiliate Sierra Madre -- they are our neighbors, after all.

The Smackdown and demonstrations will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Sierra Madre Memorial Park, 232 W. Sierra Madre Boulevard. (Hmm, look who has home court advantage.)

There will be hotdogs and sodas for sale, and you're encouraged to bring along a dish to share.

(Note: CERT could also use a few good, or even bad, actors to play the part of disaster "victims." If you're interested, contact Carolyn Seitz at cmseitz@mindspring.com.)


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