Altadena Market has Reopened

The long-time small market at 153 W. Altadena Drive has been open under new ownership since February 20.

The Altadena Market at 153 W. Altadena Drive is now open again after its new owner restarted the business last month.

The market, which had been open at its location at the corner of Altadena and Glenrose for decades, abruptly closed in November.

The market is located in an area of Altadena that is otherwise deprived of nearby retail, and though it is small, will also be the closest store with basic grocery items for many Altadena residents.

Bo Tran, the new owner, said that very little has changed from the old store to the new, and even has the same store manager and butcher who previously worked out of the shop employed in the new market.

"I've kept everything the same, but with a better environment, cleaner," Tran said.

He said he also hopes to have a deli counter open soon that will give people lunch options like sandwiches and hot dogs.  He noted the store will be open one hour later each day, until 8 p.m. rather than 7.

Tran is the owner of an auto shop in Covina, and said he has wanted to own a market somewhere locally for a long time.

"I really like meeting people, talking to people," Tran said.

The original tenant left the property after troubles with the landlord, who hired a broker to locate a new tenant.

The store has always had a reputation for being willing to special order items for customers and trying to be responsive to their needs, according to Marsha Fowler, an Altadena resident who wrote about the opening in the Altadena Wired Women email newsletter.

"In the past they have special ordered hings for me when I requested them -- like 2 cases of cabbage for a friend to make sauerkraut! " Fowler wrote. "[The store's butcher] also grinds his own hamburger, makes his own sausage mix, and will bone chicken breasts, etc if asked. Its great to have a real butcher--not the shrink wrapped stuff. Produce selection in the past has been excellent quality, good prices, though limited range, but including a few 'odd' things like tomatillos."

Holly Rundberg March 11, 2011 at 05:45 PM
I was there last week and I was pleasantly surprised. Very clean and had all the basic items you would want to pick up quickly. Also the butcher counter looked quite good and clean. I have not purchased meat there, but would not hesitate to do so.
Leslie Aitken March 12, 2011 at 01:16 AM
The meat is good. The grading is Prime, Choice, Select and Standard. Their meat is Grade A Choice, which mostly refers to marbling standards. Their clod roast is very lean, but at $2.99 is very good value at an excellent price and great for pot roast, or braising. Bo is very nice and open to new ideas....I keep trying to convince him to make Pho as I love it and can't find a good place nearby since the Reyn stopped serving it.
Laura Monteros March 12, 2011 at 04:04 AM
Open for decades, but not at Altadena and Glenrose. It's only been there since the store on Lincoln and Altadena was demolished to make way for the lovely building that now graces the northeast corner. It was a much larger store and had a large produce section and dry goods. The store that was in the current Altadena Market location was called "One Stop" or something similar and was there for decades. I only went in once but it was popular with kids from Edison. It was really a mini-mart. A few days ago, in need of only milk and bananas, I said to my eldest son, "I wish the Altadena Market were open again, I don't want to go all the way to Super King or Vons for two things." I was happy to drive by and see it had reopened, and very pleasantly surprised to see how clean and bright it is now. I got my milk and bananas and told the manager (I think his name is Mr. Kim) how glad I was that he is still there.
Karen Ambrose March 12, 2011 at 06:18 AM
I can't wait to go by and check it out, I'm always looking for a good mom and pop store... Leslie, unfortunately we love pho too, and there isn't anywhere nearby that's good for it. We go all the way to Pho 79 on Garfield south of Main in Alhambra. Its the best around and worth the drive!


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