Live Music from an Altadena Resident

Altadena resident Eileen Carey tells us about her music and why we should come out to South Pasadena's Firefly Bistro Wednesday.

If you're familiar with the San Gabriel Valley music scene, chances are you've been to South Pasadena's  Wednesday night

The weekly event always features two accomplished songwriters—plus other great artists who sometimes just show up and play.  And if you like to keep up with local singers you will like this week - one of the performers is Altadena resident and country singer Eileen Carey, who you may know for her most recent single, "Out with the Girls."

Patch interviewed Carey to learn more about her music and life in San Gabriel Valley:

The following Q&A has been edited length.

Patch: You won "Song of the Year" at the South Bay Music Awards in 2009 for "That Was Her, This is Now" written by Keith Urban and Vernon Rust. What drew you to the song? Have you met them? 

EC: It is amazing how long this track has been in play. I am still getting A Radio airplay in some parts of the country. How it came about is a classic Nashville ”Music City” story—lucky for me. My producer Travis Allen worked for a publishing company in Nashville. When we were in the studio, he handed me a CD full of demos. On the way home, I was listening to it in my car. And when that song came on, I fell in love with it.

At the time, I didn’t even know who Keith Urban was. He was just coming out with his new CD. But there he was singing "That was Him, This is Now" on the demo CD. So about three months later, I recorded it changed the title ... I haven’t had a chance to talk to Keith Urban or Vernon Rust. But Vernon Rust’s brother saw me on Facebook, and contacted me. I sent a letter and CDs off to him to give to Vernon and Keith.

Patch: Tell us about your new project: The Music Mom.

EC: Being a woman who has had to balance her career with motherhood, I thought I would share my experiences with other mothers in music. Truthfully with the intensity we have put into my next CD, I haven’t been able to pay enough attention to it, but I really want it to be like a support group. Very interactive and music moms involved.

Patch: Have you performed at Firefly's Wine & Song? What do you like about the scene? 

EC: It is a great place: the Firefly Bistro! It is one of the best acoustic venues around town. I am a big fan of singer-songwriters. Have great respect for the craft. Some great writers perform their craft at the Firefly Bistro.

... I truly enjoy singing  to smaller more intimate audiences: me and my guitar player John McDuffie (Rita Coolidge). I’ve been getting my hair cut right next door to the Firefly Bistro at the for some time now. I live in Altadena and love it, but I frequent South Pasadena regularly.

Patch: What are some of your favorite things/places in San Gabriel Valley? Where do you spend your free time locally?

EC: What free time? LOL! Well first of all, I am a huge fan of the art of kick-boxing and have regularly worked out at Classic Kick-Boxing of Pasadena for many years. I love animals, and we house many. We groom the cats at The Cat’s Pajamas. Dogs go to Vanderhoof Veterinary. And we love to hang out in town.

Patch: Why should locals come out Wednesday?

EC: As I said before, if you don’t know the or , then you are missing something really great locally. And that is without mentioning their reputation for a unique and world class menu. With real people prices!

Actually, this is Kevin Fisher’s night, and my performance is a guest appearance; so as much as I appreciate the attention I am getting, and the work of my publicist Doug Deutsch, Kevin is a very talented artist, and deserves attention. I love his song Losing You! I am going to enjoy his sets!

Patch Asks: Have you been to Firefly Bistro? Are you a fan of Carey's music?


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