The 6 ton potato

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 200 Bellefontaine St Pasadena CA 91105  See map

Event by The Coffee Gallery Backstage

2029 N. Lake, Altadena, Ca.


This Tuesday morning at 11:00 A. M. the daring and adventurous  pairing of The 6 Ton Potato and the 18 foot high fork of the famous Fork In The Road takes place amongst endless potato jokes and enough visual gags to please any viewer or reader.  Tuesday, October 16.  Lots of parking for trucks and cars.
The Idaho Potato Commission, in a moment of insanity, fabricated a 6 ton potato and had a special 18 wheeler especially built to campaign it around our great nation to promote Idaho potatoes (see accompanying “fact sheet.” Scroll Down To The Bottom).  And that is exactly what they have been doing.  Relentlessly and with good humor.  
The Coffee Gallery Backstage (Bob Stane....look him up on past “Fork In The Road” stories...and on Google) contacted the spud folks and invited them to pair “The Big Potato” with the giganticFork In The Road, in Pasadena,  to benefit Union Station (food for the hungry)and Meals On Wheels (the main, and national, benificiary of the national tour). for a morning and evening potoato and fork fest of outsized visual and auditory delights.  What says, “eat more potatoes and don’t be hungry” more than an oversized fork and a giant tuber?  This is taking place at FORK PLAZA in Pasadena which is the piece of real estate annexed, with the approval of the City Of Pasadena, at the intersection of Pasadena Ave., St. John’s Place (the fork in the road) and Belleforntaine.  Address: 200 Bellenfontaine, Pasadena Ca.  91105. The Big Potato and The Giant Fork In The Road will be side by side for photo opportunities and general amazement.  Great interviews by Phillip Coombes, Ken Marshall and Bob Stane along with the verbal adventures and stories of “how and why” by the drivers and crew of the huge custom truck.  Tales Of The Road take on a new meaning as  they tirelessly chauffeur  a huge and spectacular potato. (Spud needs to stop and use the restroom).
The Fork In The Road and the 6 Ton Potato will be on display, together again for the first time, at this location, from 11:00 A. M. to 6:00 P.M. for the delight of folks of all ages and those who might  pay good money at a  carnival to view the two headed snake.  This, fortunately, will happen only once.  Feast on the over kill.
Visitors to the event,  which is free and open, are encouraged to bring potatoes, and other non perishable foods, for the benefit of Union Station as well as potato and fork gags.  Those dressed in potato sacks will be given special attention,  appreciation and ridicule.  To truly, “dig” your potatoes, bring a garden fork designed to free tubers from the ground.  Show and Tell is encouraged as are all sight gags.


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