Altadena Farmers' Market Preview: Shiitake Happens, BYOB

New items at the Altadena Farmers' Market on Wednesday include mushrooms from a farmer with a fun name or a variety of liquid soaps to bring home in your own bottle.

Did you know it’s National Mushroom Month? In case you didn’t, you can still squeeze in a way to celebrate at the Altadena Farmers' Market on Wednesday.

The local farmers’ market shared on their facebook page Tuesday that they are commemorating the occasion by welcoming mushroom farmer Shiitake Happens to the market. Judging by his clever mushroom moniker, I’m guessing Shiitake Happens is a fungi. Okay, that officially ends the mushroom puns.

"Thinking organically, growing locally," is Shiitake Happens' motto.

Another item that is new to the Altadena Farmers' Market on Wednesday is liquid bath or multipurpose soap from Pine Street Products.

The soaps are sold by the ounce so customers are encouraged to bring a refillable bottle, Pine Street Products shared on their facebook page.

“The best plastic bottles to use are PET (Polyethylene terephthalate),” Pine Street Products advised on facebook. “This is because we use essential oils in our bath soaps, and PET is safe with essential oils and fragrances. … We will also provide 4.5, 9 and 18 oz PET bottles at a reasonable price to get you started.”

Not all plastic bottles are suitable and glass is also discouraged as a way to store the soap.

What are you looking forward to seeing at the Altadena Farmers' Market this week? Are you interested in the newly offered mushrooms or liquid soap?


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