First Day of Spring Cool and Snowy in Los Angeles County

Tuesday is the first day of Spring, but after a warm winter, it's cool and snowy in Los Angeles County.

As these pictures, sent in by Patch readers from foothill areas over the weekend, show, the Spring in Los Angeles County is coming in a little colder than usual.

Today is the vernal equinox, the official beginning of Spring, but most L.A. County residents must have noticed that the weather was more Spring-like back in December and January than it is today.

Today's forecast high in Altadena is 65 degrees, eight degrees below the average high this time of year.  There is still plenty of snow on the higher peaks of the San Gabriels, and after low temperatures on Sunday, some snow on front range mountains like Mt. Wilson actually made it to Monday without melting.

Enjoy the cool weather while it lasts Altadena - only three months until summer, and it starts to get hot long before the official start date.


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