Local Resident Tells Mt. Echo Trail Rescue Story in Photos

A local resident, Ralph Miles, shared the following account of tripping and falling while hiking on from the Cobb Estate. He was saved by the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team, who rappelled down to get him.

Ralph Miles, a local resident, went hiking up the Cobb Estate and slipped and fell, tumbling down a steep hillside.  He was rescued by the Altadena Mountain Rescue Team.

Below, he shares his story, which serves as a good reminder that not every rescued hiker goes out unprepared or tries to climb up the Eaton Canyon falls - some people simply have accidents and need help.  Miles also provided the photos at right, some of which were taken by him, some by a friend he called for help (the Betsy referred to below).

His story:

Went hiking on the Mt. Lowe Trail out of upper Altadena today. Coming back, I was tired and stumbled. Was pitched over the trail side and slid and tumbled for 25 feet. Fortunately, the brush stopped me. 

I could not extract myself, so I phoned Betsy on my cell phone. She phoned the U.S. Forest Service, who phoned the Altadena Sherriff, who called in Search and Rescue. It only took an hour from my call to Betsy for the Search and Rescue to arrive on site.

 Search and Rescue anchored a long rope and one member rappelled down to me. I was fastened into a harness and I was able, with help, to pull myself up with the rope.

The first picture shows Search and Rescue in preparation to hike up the trail. The second picture shows Search and Rescue arriving on site just above me. The third picture shows a helicopter circling overhead. The fourth picture shows a Search and Rescue member rappelling down to me. The last picture shows the Search and Rescue team and me arriving at the bottom of the trail.



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