Rubio Canyon Trail Map Drawn Up by Local Trails Advocate

Local trails advocate Paul Ayers has released the following hand-drawn map of hiking trails in the Rubio Canyon area.

Paul Ayers, a local trails advocate and builder, has released the following map of land purchased by the .

Ayers has been working at building trails in the new land, which is now open to the public.

For those who are unfamiliar with the area, the road drawn in the left lower corner of the map is East Loma Alta Drive (just west of the area depicted the road is called Rubio Canyon Road).

The other piece of road depicted in the map, next to the letter 'A' is the intersection of Pleasantridge Drive and Rubio Vista Drive.

Several of the hikes in the area have historical value, and the conservancy also conducts guided hikes in the area.  Some of the pictures of trails in the area can be viewed at right, and a .

The conservancy will be hosting more docent-led hikes in the area in March and April - events will be announced on the site and listed in the calendar.

Ayers warns that some of the trails are unmaintained and unmarked and there is exposure to cliffs nearby some of the trails.

The legend for the map is available below:                 

A-Trailhead-Pleasantridge Dr. and             G-Lone Tree Trail-[1888]       Rubio Vista Rd., Altadena, CA                             H-SCE Tractor Road-[1926]

B-Lower Old Echo Mtn. Trail-[1892]               I-Loma Alta Connector-[1952]

C-Rubio Right-of-Way Trail-[1892]           J-Trailhead-1101 E. Loma Alta Dr.,

D-Camp Huntington Trail-[1938]              Altadena, CA

E-Rubio Creek                                      K-Altadena Crest Trail

F-RCLWA reservoir                                L-Boundary-AFC Rubio Parcels

Paul Berolzheimer June 18, 2013 at 03:54 PM
This article is missing chunks of text, any way to get that fixed?


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