Town Council Election Will Not Be Canceled

At Tuesday's meeting there was a brief discussion about whether there is a need to hold an election when no seats are contested, but voting will be held on June 9 as planned.

Altadena Town Council members briefly discussed whether June's Town Council election should be canceled and new members simply seated to Council since there are .

Town Council member Lori Judson brought up the idea, saying that election turnout would likely be very low.

However, Town Council Election Committee chair Eric Pierce said his committee discussed the idea and felt it was important for people to be able to show up and vote for a candidate if they wanted to.

In addition, Town Council member Gino Sund said the group's bylaws require that it hold an election.

Other elected boards sometimes cancel elections if no opposition candidates file to run: the Altadena Library board, for example, .

For the Town Council this year, not only did nobody file to run in opposition to any candidate, there are two seats were nobody filed to run at all, those representing census tracts 4601 and 4611. 

The Town Council did vote to cut one of the two election days that were planned to be held: voting will now be limited to June 9 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

There will be three voting locations: , the Farnsworth Park parking lot and S & J Automotive (1904 New York Drive).

For a list of candidates and to look up your voting district, please check out the following link:

AJ May 16, 2012 at 03:25 PM
Supervisor Mike Antonovich needs to reconsider the role of the ATC and limit it's advisory responsibilities. Until the ATC decides to adopt the Brown Act as part of their By-laws I fail to see how they can claim to be a transparent and fair representative body. I can appreciate the dedication and time that most of the members have spent serving the community, but residents should be fully aware that the Town Council does not hold themselves to the same standards of transparency and fairness that we expect of all other elected officials. At the one ATC meeting I chose to attend I was told by the chair to first fill out a speaker card, then once the meeting started the Chair got up and announced that “they” had decided that both “sides” would only get to have three speakers, so as to save time. This behind the scenes decision-making process deprived myself and dozens of other people the opportunity to have their voices heard. It also demonstrated the Council’s appalling lack of understanding that projects sometimes don’t just have two sides as well as their lack of consideration for due process. If you’re elected to serve on a town council that only meets once a month, the least you could do is sit and listen to everyone who shows up and wants to say something. Yes, it can be tedious, but it’s part of the deal.


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