Town Council Preview: Farmers Market, Flag Update, Community Standards

A preview of items of interest at Tuesday's meeting of the Altadena Town Council.

Tuesday's Altadena Town Council meeting will include a presentation from the county on the establishment of a farmers market at , an update from the Town Council's flag committee on a flag selected to represent Altadena and a presentation on updating Altadena's community standards code.

The presentation on the farmers market will be given by County Parks and Recreation Department official Al Evans.  We that the Parks and Recreation Department has been actively negotiating with their chosen market manager, Joseph Shuldiner, and despite months of delays, both parties still say a market will be coming.

As reported back in December, the Town Council's established Flag Committee after a process in which there was online voting, as well as some sort of in-person voting process.  Altadena Patch has made multiple requests to see voting tallies for the flag vote to Town Council Chair Sandra Thomas, but those requests have gone unanswered.  

The Town Council agenda does not specify what the Flag Committee's report on Tuesday will cover.

The Town Council will also hear an update on the , the business and residential codes that are specific to Altadena.  According to a report on the Altadenablog, there will be upcoming public input workshops on possible code changes that could benefit Altadena residents.

The full agenda can be viewed on right.  The Town Council meets at 7 p.m. on Tuesday at the .


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