Altadena Year in Traffic Safety

At Altadena Patch we are listing some of the local trends of 2011 in Altadena. Here we look at traffic: accidents, collisions, and some of the discussion we've had on the site.

Any look at traffic trends in Altadena in 2011 should rightly begin with the numbers, so here they are, through November, the most recent number on record with the California Highway Patrol.

Through November collisions in Altadena in 2011 are down compared to the same period in 2010.  The CHP recorded 262 collisions through November this year, compared to 312 from January to November in 2010.

Perhaps not coincidentally, traffic citations went up in 2011, with 1,634 tickets written through November 2011, compared to 1400 in the same period in 2010.

Fortunately there were no fatal accidents in Altadena either in 2011 or 2010 though there have been some bad accidents: on back to back days in September there was a making a left turn and then a from the .

Another cyclist who was riding in a pack of five riders was the

Last January a was hospitalized after being hit by a car.

There were several notable cyclist fatalities down in Pasadena around the same time that the cyclist was hit in Altadena.

Nearby issues also included .

This fall, the top of in an effort to reduce traffic speed and to make left turns easier to make.

Discussions about traffic safety and biking were some of the most lively on the site in 2011.  There was one about the in Altadena and several more related to that about whether cyclist behavior on the streets is dangerous or not.

There were about a plan to install a 'bike boulevard' in Altadena some years down the line.  The county discussed the idea as part of its master bike plan in November.

And if those discussions were not enough to make anyone sure that traffic safety and congestion are major issues for Altadena residents, the Sheriff's Department that the people they polled rated those issues as more of a concern than crime in Altadena.


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