Fancy Food Truck Friday on Hiatus

The event, which is normally on the second Friday of each month, is on a three-month hiatus from January through March.

If you are a devoted attendee of Fancy Food Truck Friday like I am, you might have noticed some time this week there was no notice of the monthly event (it took me until Friday morning to realize).

That's because the event is now on a three-month hiatus, according to Meredith Miller, co-organizer of the event and owner of Webster's Community Pharmacy.

As some may recall, the event had some permit problems in September when they were required to reapply for a temporary operating permit.

Miller and co-organizer Lori Webster managed to get the permit application done and got the rest of the 2011 events permitted, but the 2012 permit is only for nine events, Miller said.

Miller and Webster decided that it would be best to put the three-month hiatus during the winter months (not knowing that we'd be having 75 degree days in January).

The event will return in March and will continue to be held monthly through the end of the year.

Meredith Miller January 17, 2012 at 01:59 AM
There better be some rain before I get a resentment!


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