Gun Fire Reported in Park on Washington Boulevard

Washington Park, just south of the border of Altadena at the intersection of Washington and El Molino, saw a gun fire incident on Sunday. An Altadena resident who was there during the incident shares details with Patch.

Shots were fired in a Pasadena park on Washington Boulevard on Sunday but police do not have any eyewitnesses and do not know if anybody was being targeted or not.

The shooting was witnessed by an Altadena resident who alerted Patch.  Jey, who lives nearby (and did not want his last name used), wrote Patch that he and his daughter had ridden their scooters to the park.  The shots went off in a small ravine area of the parks where some young people were gathered, he wrote.

"On the way to the drinking fountain, we heard three loud pops, then two more coming from the little sunken ravine in the middle of the park," Jey wrote.

Though he did not originally think anything of the gathering, Jey wrote he now wonders if the group gathered there were gang members.  Following the sound of shooting he reacted quickly:

"My first thought was gun fire. My second thought was LEAVE NOW. So, I looked at my daughter who was terror-stricken, and we jammed out of there as fast as we could. (I didn't think there was a need to drop to the ground since the shots came from the lower area). Next thing we know, many police cars were dashing to the scene, then a helicopter and more cop cars."

Lt. Phlunte Riddle of the Pasadena Police Department confirmed that shots were fired on Sunday.  She said detectives do not have eyewitnesses and are uncertain whether anyone was being targeted or was shooting for no good reason.

She added though that the department has seen a couple of similar incidents around the city recently, and it may be that someone is just firing their gun up in the air without shooting at anything in particular.

"Whatever idiot is doing this stuff does not realize what goes up also comes down," Riddle told Patch.

Often times, she said, even when there is no eyewitness to a shooting, someone reports the sighting of a known gang member in the area, suggesting a targeted shooting.  However, in this incident and another the weekend before, police have not found any sign of that.

In Altadena there have also been two recent incidents of gun fire reported.  One incident was reported the week before last in the vicinity of Lincoln and Royce and . 

There was also a reported gun fire incident on Ganesha Avenue in early January.

In both cases those cases there were no eyewitnesses and no physical evidence recovered at the scene, according to Lt. Duane Allen of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, who relayed details of both cases to Altadena Patch in the days after they happened.

Steve Lamb February 01, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Thats almost a MILE South of the Pasadena/Altadena border, being Woodbury and El MolinO not El Molina. Another annoying case of Pasadena crime being attributed to Altadena.
Nadine Isenberg February 01, 2012 at 04:17 PM
Ok Steve, it's not even half a mile and I didn't read this a the crime being attributed to Altadena. I read it as a man from Altadena was in the area and just reported what he heard. These communities are close and intermingle a lot and it's possible this group of people are from both communities. Have a good day.
Dan Abendschein (Editor) February 01, 2012 at 04:29 PM
@steve - My intent in writing about the crime was not to attribute it to Altadena, and I don't think there is anything in there that suggests the people responsible are from Altadena. However, since someone from Altadena was there and witnessed it and it is not too far outside the town and there have been a couple of random gun fire incidents in Altadena recently, I figured it was worth mentioning.
Steve Lamb February 01, 2012 at 07:14 PM
I just drove it. Its just at 7/10th of a mile from the Altadena border. We have a long history of the City of Pasadena attempting to blame its gang violence problem on altadena and place that problem in the press in Altadena. So when I see a headline that seems to indicate a park almost a mile away from Altadena has shooting in it and doesnt specifically say the park is in Pasadena and seem to indicate that its a part of Altadena I get really really really annoyed.
Bman February 03, 2012 at 06:24 AM
Wow Steve are you narrow minded and myopic in your outlook. This park is mere blocks from Altadena. I live four houses off Woodbury and have great Interest in both communities. You are splitting hairs with your 7/10 stuff. This incident is absolutely worth mentioning in an Altadena publication. Besides the gangs are in both of our communities!


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