Holiday Volunter Opportunities in Altadena

Community volunteer Carolyn Seitz has a list of dates of local food and toy drives where volunteers are needed.

Community volunteer Carolyn Seitz has the following information on toy and food drive volunteer opportunities:

Saturday, December 10th   

From 7:30 am to Noon or 1 or whenever we finish, we will be at the Community Center sorting toys and bagging them for each family we hope to serve and packing food boxes.  When we're done, everything has to be packed back into the storage Pods.  The briefing of the team and assignment of tasks will begin at 7:30.

From 9 am to 10 am - the President Streets area will hold its 3rd Annual Food & Toy Drive at N Harding.  You can drive by and drop off food and toy donations - all will be gratefully accepted.  Have small kids who would like to have mom or dad take their photo in a Sheriff's car, come on over and have some fun with us.

Friday, December 16th      

We can use many hands again to unpack the Pods and set up the Community Center for the food and toy distribution.  We will be stacking the food boxes and organizing the bags of toys for each family, by the source who provided their information.  That will take place on Friday afternoon.

Saturday, December 17th   

From 7 am to 12:30 pm at the Community Center.  We will have a briefing and assignment of tasks, then we will sort the bags of toys in each group alphabetically.  The distribution will begin at 8 a.m. and will be completed by noon.  We will also have groups of people making phone calls to those who haven't yet arrived to pick up their food and toys by about 10 am.  In that process sometimes we've discovered that the custodial adult in some families is an elderly grandparent or a parent who is disabled, so volunteers deliver their food and toys.

If you can participate in any of these events, please let me know which day and event.  It'll help us know for which we need to look for more volunteers. 

If you'd like to donate non-perishable foods - canned corn, green beans, carrots, boxes of stuffing mix, cake mix, brownie mix, Jiffy Cornbread, jello, pudding or other similar foods, you can drop them off at the Sheriff's Station until Friday the 9th, or bring them to the Community Center on Saturday morning the 10th.

You can also drop off new toys at the Sheriff's Station until Friday the 9th or bring them to the Community Center on Saturday morning, the 10th.

You can also bring cash donations or checks payable to "Altadena Station Fund" to the Sheriff's Station until Thursday, December 15th.

Seitz can be reached at cmseitz@mindspring.com


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