Maiden Lane Resident Witnesses Attempted Break-in

A local resident near the intersection of Maiden Lane and Rubio Street came home and interrupted an attempted break-in.

A resident living near the intersection of Maiden Lane and Rubio Street came home Sunday afternoon to see an intruder in her backyard and an unfamiliar car parked out front.

The resident had noticed the unfamiliar car parked next to her home with the hazard lights blinking, according to an email sent out by the resident's husband. She opened her front door and spotted an intruder in the backyard through a back window.

She called 9-1-1 and backed up her car in an attempt to block the other car, a light gold-ish cooler newer four-door sedan.  The driver of the parked car made a u-turn and took off, according to the email.

According to police scanner traffic around 1 p.m, Sheriff's Department deputies searched the area nearby those blocks looking for any suspicious people on foot or the car that had been spotted at the home.  They did not find anything, according to the resident's email.

A neighbor of the residents who were targeted told them that about 45 minutes before the attempted break-in, two men knocked on the door at their house. 

The home owner, who posted about the incident on a local email group, asked not to be identified when giving Patch permission to post about the attempted burglary.

Nico October 21, 2012 at 11:29 PM
That is a very dangerous thing to do. Surprising a burglar can turn lethal, quickly. If you notice a door ajar, or something very suspicious, go to a neighbor's home and call police. this happened to me once. I found our TV and valuable on the driveway. Rather than entering I went next door. Don't risk your life to save your material possessions.
Ninja Girl October 22, 2012 at 03:06 PM
I get your point Nico, but I don't think this was all about protecting possessions. I really feel the victim was more angry about the personal violation of something she and her husband have worked so hard for to attain, and frustrated about the recent out of control crime in the area. I truly feel they wanted to have the people caught in the act and arrested to help stop the crime outrage. Residents are over it. plain and simple, they want the trash out of the community, and they want to enjoy and live safe in the homes they've worked hard for.
Aisha Cohen October 22, 2012 at 06:16 PM
An intruder in my backyard with a car parked so brazenly would have been unable to get back into his car without an explanation to me and to the police. The homeowner acted quickly, but obviously didn't have it all thought out. Almost everyone has cell phones nowadays. Photographing the car and license plate would have gone a lot further than trying to block the car from leaving. If you really want to block someone from leaving, park up against the drivers side door.


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