Nevada Woman Sentenced to 49 Years for 2007 Altadena Shooting

In 2007, two women allegedly attempted the kidnapping of the son of one of the pair, allegedly slaying the boy's uncle in the process. Both received prison sentences this week

A Nevada woman was sentenced on Wednesday to 49 years in state prison for a fatal shooting that took place in Altadena in 2007.

 She had argued the shooting was in self-defense, but jurors voted to convict her on charges of second-degree murder, kidnapping, and child endangerment.

Dean and her girlfriend, Vanessa Marie Ochoa, were attempting to take Ochoa's child from his father's home on Canyon Dell Drive in Altadena and bring him back to Las Vegas to live with Ochoa.  Monroe Miles, the child's uncle, was watching the boy, and a conflict broke out over whether the child would go with the pair or not.

As Dean and Ochoa attempted to leave with the child, Miles got physical with Ochoa, according to testimony in the case.  Dean's lawyer argued that she thought she feared for her life and shot Miles in self-defense

Ochoa pleaded guilty to all three counts after striking a deal with the prosecution in 2010, and was sentenced on Monday.

Dean's lawyer .

For more about Dean, please read our account of closing arguments in the case:


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