Scammers Say Obama Will Give Credit for Social Security Number

Southern California Gas Co. customers should watch out for a scammer who requests Social Security numbers over the phone by claiming President Barack Obama will offer credit or payment on bills.

Southern California Gas Co. warned its customers Tuesday about a scam in which the culprits tell victims they can get credits on their utility bills if they provide information such as a Social Security number.

According to the gas company, scammers have visited customers in person, used social media sites and even sent text messages to victims claiming that President Barack Obama is offering a program of bill credits or direct payment of bills.

Company officials said workers for the utility always carry proper identification when visiting customers, and they do not randomly call or text customers asking for Social Security numbers or other personal information. Customers should verify a person's employment before allowing anyone into their home or providing any information, according to the company.

To verify the authenticity of anyone claiming to be a representative of SoCalGas, customers should ask for proper identification or call the utility at (800) 427-2200, or (800) 342-4545.


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