String of Burglaries Occur Wednesday

Altadena residents shared details about several residential burglaries that occurred in the area Wednesday. Have you seen anything suspicious?

Residential burglaries and suspicious character sightings have continued in Altadena but the pace picked up Wednesday.

Altadena Captain John Benedict reported at Wednesday’s Altadena Sheriff Community Advisory Committee meeting that five residential burglaries took place that day, a Patch reader shared in the President Streets Yahoo online neighborhood group.

Benedict has additional patrol cars and deputies serving Altadena for the time being, but residents are still urged to call the Sheriff’s Station at 626-798-1131 if they see anything suspicious or unusual.

Patch is trying to make contact with Benedict to confirm these details and obtain any other relevant information.

The following Wednesday burglary incident was also shared by a resident via the President Streets Yahoo neighborhood group:

At 6:00 PM tonight (Wed) our house alarm went off. We rushed home to find a window in our hallway had been forced open wide enough for someone to enter. We believe the alarm and the fact that our neighbors were home caused them to run without taking the time to grab anything first. It was already dark but our neighbor saw what looked to be the tail lights of a sedan pull away from the curb and head North on Craig.

Access to the window they opened was in the back of the house. The yard is completely [sic] enclosed by a 5 foot wrought iron fence they had to climb over to get to the window and to leave -- our gates were padlocked.

The officers that came to the house said there has been an increase in home burgleries [sic] in all of Altadena the past few weeks.

Just letting you know so you can be on the alert. Also, if any of our nearby neighbors noticed an unfamiliar vehicle parked or cruising the street today please let me know.

Thank you
[Name withheld]
Craig Avenue (Patch has removed the full address)

Another Altadena resident shared burglary details with fellow neighbors vie email and the account was passed on to Patch:

My neighbor (we live on Wapello between Marengo and Santa Anita) called us last night to report that his home was broken into yesterday, sometime before 8 p.m.  They entered by breaking the glass in his back door.  I was home from 3 pm and was working

in my garage and doing some gardening in my back yard on and off from 3-5 pm .... did not notice anything suspicious, however, did hear

footsteps on the gravel between our homes, around 4:30....just assumed it was my neighbor, or a workman. 

Realize I need to be more vigilant...the thieves are out there...lock your doors...and keep an eye out on your neighboor's. [sic]

[Name withheld]

Julie M. January 19, 2013 at 01:47 AM
Ha - Brandon - do you live near Ventura/Casitas? There is a house there with no less than 5 cars jammed in it's driveway nearly everyday. There lovely lawn furniture and shirtless sunbathing in the summer is an added bonus. I agree with you, Whole Bean! Let's be more proactive and responsible for the welfare of our neighborhood. I know this starts with me. The shootings, thefts, etc. are out of control.
Brandon January 19, 2013 at 02:58 AM
Julie M. I actually live right down the street but on the other side of Lincoln. I know the big trucks annoy everyone. I seemed to be the only person that actually asked the neighbors to not park it in front of our house though. Everyone else just leaves notes on it. Other than that I really like the street and neighbors. I got the old windows sealed up enough so the weekend party music is toned down a lot. I also would assume with all of the activity on the street it might be harder to break into certain houses, so I don't see it being a negative. I am now addicted to watching nothing happen on these cameras as they stream to my phone and monitor. I really want to mount one of these outside. I forgot to mention the house with all of the cars doesn't use their driveway. And everyone uses their cars to block their cars from parking in front of their house when they can. I would rather use our driveway/garage and keep our cars off the street.
not Carl Peterson lll January 19, 2013 at 03:56 AM
For the record....From my view. Overall crime, murders, and such have been on a general decline for about twenty years. Anyone remember shootings during the early ninties? From the late sixties until the early ninties crime was much higher. How about L.A. with 10-20 murders every weekend in the late eighties. I lived here at a time (long time ago) that when the school bell rang, we all scattered like bugs, and walked home without fear. The car line was not invented yet. But in the late sixties....Charles manson, Sirhan Sirhan(just a few blocks) away, drugs, the barelli (sp.)? twins in Altadena kidnapped and murdered, and long time residents moving, was five years that changed everything. But just like the rest of the country most crime has been declining since the mid nineties. So, things are generally improving. Does anyone have the stats.?
Ivan G January 19, 2013 at 05:53 AM
I recommend installing an audible alarm system. You can do it yourself for under $200. It won't keep someone from breaking in, but likely will scare them away if they do enter. I installed a system 20 years ago. Someone pried a casement window open and forced the screen off. But there were no signs that anyone went into the house or took anything.
Former Altadenan January 19, 2013 at 09:08 AM
After 40 years and 4 break-ins, we got the For Sale signs and left. Broke our hearts since we lived our entire married life and raised our children in Altadena. We simply gave up trying to secure our home, but to no avail. Something more needs to change in this community, but for us we had to simply stop trying,


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