Town Council Recap: Tree Grants, Permit Approvals

Two conditional use permits receive unanimous council support; grant for windstorm replacement trees still up in the air.

During Tuesday's Altadena Town Council meeting, members voted to approve the two CUPs on the evening’s agenda:

  • A conditional use permit for the Weizmann School, 1434 Altadena Drive, allowing the K-6 school to serve students through grade 8. The change will not increase the total number of students at the school.
  • A conditional use permit for property at 2511 East Washington Boulevard, allowing continued mixed-use, commercial and residential at a 12 unit apartment building with commercial use. The owner plans building and façade upgrades.

The requests will now move to the county regional planning commission for final approval.

Windstorm Replacement Trees

According to councilmember Diane Marcussen, the $100,000 grant to replace 68 trees lost in last winter’s windstorm plus 140 additional trees for Altadena parkways, is still pending approval from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (DPW). If the grant is approved, the allocation of the trees, one that heavily favors parkways east of Lake Avenue, will not change.

Marcussen said property owners directly adjacent to proposed sites for the new trees have signed a document agreeing to water the trees. When audience member and one of the grant applicants, Michele Zack, pointed out the grant provides provisions for the water, Marcussen said she would seek further clarification.

The Town Council voted to write a letter to Supervisor Antonovich, requesting additional trees be added for the West Woodbury corridor, if funding is available.

Other Agenda Items

Monica Hubbard presented the Education Committee's recommendations for 2012-2013, which include ensuring every census tract in Altadena has at least one representative on the Education Committee by May 2013.

The committee also proposes a closer look at the group home situation in Altadena.

The Town Council postponed a vote on the recommendations until the September meeting.


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