Altadena Code Changes Could be Completed Within Two Years

Changes to residential and commercial codes in the Altadena Community Standards could be completed within two years, according to a county official.

Proposed county code changes that were suggested during the Altadena Community Visioning process could be implemented within the next two years, according to an official in County Supervisor Michael Antonovich's office.

The county held three workshops from April to June with the intent of finding out what sort of code changes Altadena residents would like to see. The process, called the Altadena Community Visioning process, included not just ideas for rule changes, but also some larger visions for Altadena's future.

A draft report on the input gathered at those workshops was presented last week, and the group that collected it, RBF Consulting, is working to put together its final report for the county.

Once that report is complete, the County Regional Planning Department will begin to work on the proposal for how to make specific amendments to Altadena's business and residential codes based on that report, according to Edel Vizcarra, Antonovich's planning deputy.

Altadena has its own set of community-specific codes, the Altadena Community Standards.

Vizcarra said he believes the process of changing the codes could take from 18 months to two years.  During the process, the County Regional Planning Department will send representatives to the Altadena Town Council to update them and give the community a chance to examine the code changes.  The process will start as soon as RBF completes the final draft of the report, he added.

The changes suggested in the Altadena Community Visioning process range from simple code changes (sidewalk sign regulations, parking requirements, fence height limits) to larger conceptual changes and long-term projects (completing the Altadena Crest Trail, changing Lake Avenue to diagonal parking).

Amending the Altadena Community Standards will focus mainly on the simple code changes, though Vizcarra said there could be some larger changes put into the code, like changing Lake Avenue to diagonal parking, for example.

Vizcarra noted that similar processes in the county, such as in unincorporated Agua Dulce, have taken as long as four years.  However, Vizcarra said, in Altadena's case the process should be faster because the county hired the consultants to do the public input part of the process.

The biggest challenge for the changes will be to find money for any projects that will require funding, Vizcarra said, though he noted many of ideas proposed in the visioning process will not require funding.

For more on what ideas have come out of the Altadena Community Visioning process, check out the below links:

Steve Lamb June 14, 2012 at 03:47 AM
Going to basically copy the new ones from Agua Dulce?


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