Updated: Altadena Community Visioning Awaits Next Step

Los Angeles County suggests in the final visioning report that local organizations pursue visioning suggestions. Officials say it is up to Altadena Town Council to take the next step.

Updated Wednesday 5:35 p.m.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich’s planning deputy Edel Vizcarra told Patch Wednesday afternoon that the next step in the community visioning process is for the Altadena Town Council to review the final visioning report. Then Altadena Town Council can choose to request a Community Standards District update from the County and the County can begin initiating the update.

“Once they ask, the update process involves numerous public meetings," said Vizcarra, who noted the County wants the process to be community-driven. "We’ll have to go up there and talk to everybody that this affects."

As far as the report claim that “no commitments of [County] staff or resources have been made for the near future,” Vizcarra told Patch that might reference the fact that there isn’t a planning team devotedly specifically to the issue, but that the County is ready to set up the update process and has available staff.

“I’ve actually had a discussion with the director of regional planning about this and they do have resources to move forward,” Vizcarra told Patch.

Patch is reaching out to the Altadena Town Council to get their thoughts on the final report and see if they intend to request a CSD update and if so, when.


The Altadena Community Visioning report documenting the results of three Los Angeles County-initiated meetings worth of community feedback and suggestions for improving Altadena has been released, but the real question is: Now what?

The County states on page 28 of the report that the purpose of the document is to serve as a starting point for future County planning efforts when funding and resources become available, though no commitments of staff or resources have been made for the near future.

You can download the report here.

However, Patch previously reported that Michael Antonovich’s planning deputy based on that report. Altadena has its own set of community-specific codes, the Altadena Community Standards.

Vizcarra also previously said he believes the process of changing the codes could take from 18 months to two years.

These six characteristics were highlighted in the report as ideas that visioning participants voiced for their future community, whether it be maintaining a certain feature of Altadena or creating something new:

  • Diverse, eclectic, unique character
  • Views and access to the mountains and nature
  • Town/district centers with thriving businesses
  • Safe and peaceful neighborhoods
  • Community cohesion and strong institutions
  • Opportunities for walking, biking, hiking, riding, and play

While the report acknowledges the limitations of the Altadena community and Town Council to enact change, it lists the Town Council and other local organizations that it suggests could possibly pursue visioning suggestions, including the Chamber of Commerce and the Altadena Coalition of Neighborhood Associations.

Unresolved differences of opinion exist as to how to maintain what people love about Altadena and how to improve it, the report notes, while highlighting community members’ support for the following initiatives:

An update of the Community Standards District, especially to address issues with parking

Increasing access to parking in town/district centers through management of existing spaces and/or additional public spaces

Business development, including offering assistance with permitting and making efforts to capitalize on local assets such as nature, artists, and food production

Street improvements to support people walking, biking, and horseback riding, especially to promote walking in town/district centers

Changes to County processes, such as code enforcement, and development review in areas along Altadena Crest Trail

Organizing volunteer efforts for youth and other community members, including cleanups, Neighborhood Watch, trail maintenance, and tutoring

Creation of community hubs or centers, whether these are town/district centers, schools, other public facilities, or community events.

Patch has reached out to LA County Supervisor Michael Antonovich’s office and is awaiting reply as to any possible updates or action from the County. Check back on Patch for updates.

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What do you think of the report’s conclusions and suggestions? Are you or any local organization you know planning to take action on any of the community visioning suggestions?

L.R. Wright September 27, 2012 at 07:17 PM
The vast majority of Altadena Town Council members and Land Use Committee members did not bother to show up. The County knows the public has no remaining confidence in that body. Why would they send it off to them?
michele Zack September 27, 2012 at 07:50 PM
Because, LR Wright, for better or worse, that is the official channel we have to reach the real powers that be over Altadena on the Board of Supervisors. While your overall statement might be correct, let's be careful about not tarring every person who steps up for public service with the same brush! Mark Goldschmidt, chair of Land Use (until dropped by new TC Chair Broadous, who now chairs both council and land use), attended every meeting he was in town for, and several council people and LUC members attended one or more meeting including Sandy Thomas, Bissner, Mussen, Ezemie, Haussler, and I think a few others. Then LUC chair also arranged meeting with consultants to go over extensive work a subcommittee of Land Use had done last year about updating CSD residential and commercial areas (which, it is true, TC subsequently took no action on.) Other groups besides the Town Council and individuals can and should weigh in on the report. Altadena Heritage, involved in both the original CSD and more recent Hillside Protection Ordinance, requested and received a meeting with consultants to share the work of one of its committees on North Lake Avenue. So did Chamber and others. Time to get involved with groups who are working to do something, and to elect a more activist Town Council! Just complaining gets us nowhere.


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