Altadena Community Visioning Draft Report With Comments

The county's consultants for Altadena's Community Visioning process have released a draft version of the report that includes comments left by Altadena residents participating in the workshops.

RBF Consulting, the group writing the Altadena Community Visioning report for the county, has released a draft of the report with comments from participants in the third workshop

The county held three workshops from April to June with the intent of finding out what sort of code changes Altadena residents would like to see. The process, called the Altadena Community Visioning process, included not just ideas for rule changes, but also some larger visions for Altadena's future.

The next step if for RBF to release the final report - no timetable has yet been set on that, according to Mina Brown, of RBF.  Once that happens the county will work on implementing some of the proposed changes, a process that .

Attached on right is the draft version of the report with comments that workshop participants left while looking through the draft version.  The second attachment with comments come from placards at the third workshop where community members could leave generalized comments about some of the overarching concepts discussed in the report.

The results of a survey taken by workshop participants following the process

For more on the community visioning process check out the below links:

michele Zack July 04, 2012 at 03:59 PM
I'm just hoping these comments don't spend much/any time on parking because the complete report has covered this issue so thoroughly. At the 2 visioning meetings I went to (came late to one) a main topic of conversation was on how to stop parking from being the tail that wags the dog in Altadena — especially along Lake Avenue The current parking requirements for any new business are so high that they discourage entrepreneurial activity. Yet there is a ton of empty space within 50 or fewer yards of Lake that could be used for parking given some incentive to do so. Several churches, for instance, have lots of parking that is unused 6 days of the week. Street narrowing in the main commercial section of Lake could also allow for head in diagonal parking on one or both sides. In addition, this would have the benefit of calming and slowing traffic, making Lake more pedestrian friendly. Hope above makes it into report, as this was discussed and there was quite a bit of agreement on it — at least with people I spoke to.


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