Discussion Points from County Workshop on Altadena's Future

The following discussion points were heard at a second county workshop in Altadena's future. Some of the issues listed on the sheets will likely make it into a draft report on future county policy for Altadena.

The file attached on right shows the full list of topics that participants of the second Altadena Community Visioning workshop discussed on April 25.

The topics were divided into five areas to review community issues: People and Community,Town/District CentersMobility and RecreationNeighborhoods, and Business Environment.

As , each group that looked at one of the topics gave a report on which of the topics for their category they felt should take priority.  We reported the following list of priority topics that we heard mentioned at the meeting (and added ones that were discussed in the video we shot):

  • Coordinating the county bike plan for Altadena with Pasadena's bike plan and with other adjacent communities
  • Completing the Altadena Crest Trail
  • Allowing night access to the trail
  • Better traffic enforcement on north-south streets
  • Limiting overnight parking in some residential areas
  • Possible regulations on leafblower noise
  • Reducing regulations on sidewalk signs
  • Convert vacant lots to dog parks or neighborhood hang-out spots
  • Ease parking restrictions in commercial areas to bring in new businesses
  • Updating signage styles on Lake Avenue
  • Look into increasing light industrial zoning to bring in new jobs to Altadena
  • Make safe walking areas
  • Update Lincoln Avenue 
  • Expand Charles White Park
  • Eliminate styles standards to allow for originality for individual owners
  • Preserve the Altadena Library
  • Allow use of storefront church parking lots for business parking, since many are occupied only on weekends.
  • Eliminate 35 foot height limit to allow uses like rooftop dining in commercial areas
  • More enforcement of residential style standards to prevent homes with designs outside of neighborhood look
  • Re-stripe Lake Avenue into one lane each way near the intersection with Mariposa for better pedestrian safety.
  • Penalties on land owners who leave commercial lots vacant for extended amounts of time
  • More sidewalks, particularly in areas where children walk to school.

The county will be releasing a draft report outlining these priorities and some of the other ideas discussed in the topic categories listed at right.  

That report will come out some time in May, and will be the subject of discussion at the final workshop on June 6.

Those who want to make comments about any of the topics or the workshop in general can contact Matt Lust, of the Community Development Commission of the County of Los Angeles, at (323) 890-7203 or matt.lust@lacdc.org.

The purpose of the ' is to gather public input on what potential changes should be made to update Altadena codes, as well as take a broader look at what priorities county planners should have for Altadena's future.  That will include "future land use, economic developments, streetscape improvements, open space, safety, and preservation of local character."

The public input will be used to amend the Altadena Community Standards, which governs business and residential codes that are specific to Altadena. The input will also be used to look at bigger picture plans for Altadena in the future.

For more on the visioning process, check out the below links or our Altadena Community Visioning story page.

ed meyers May 01, 2012 at 11:17 PM
While I'm at it, I reported the Lake/Calvaras lot to the San Gabriel Vector Control b/c of the standing water inside the "crater". If the water isn't drained or filled in, I have to believe mosquitoes will have a new breeding area. And, what's with that green bulldozer/bobcat machine next to the same crater property? Been sitting there for 2-3 wks. Leasing agent for the property says it's not theirs but may assist in it's removal. Come on people, the place is lookin' more crappy than usual......
Revvell May 02, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Schaeffer's (sp) Ambulance service parks there (one just pulled in as I'm typing this) a lot and, occasionally a deputy will park there while catching up on reports to help stem the destruction (3 windows broken last count ) ... I've been trying to find the property owner ~ seems it's a trust holder yet, don't know how to reach her. Anyone have a clue on finding who owns the property?
Lisa Hastings May 02, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Revvell, call the county tax assessor's office: (626)258-6001.
Alison Johnson May 02, 2012 at 04:54 PM
Obviously we are a diverse community, with the two following priorities: •Eliminate styles standards to allow for originality for individual owners •More enforcement of residential style standards to prevent homes with designs outside of neighborhood look I'm looking forward to seeing which one carries more weight in the final plan.
Diane Marcussen May 03, 2012 at 05:23 PM
County will be out today to look at the property (weeds, etc.) and make arrangements to have the windows boarded up asap. There is also illegal dumping in the parking lot so they will work on getting either the property owner or the county to clean up.


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