Officials Approve Capital Improvement Project In Henninger Flats

File photo.
File photo.
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a refurbishment and construction project to update a potable water and septic system in Henninger Flats.

The $1.86 million project, located at 2260 Pinecrest Drive, will completely replace the current potable water system, make repairs to a irrigation reservoir and repairs to the three waste water treatment systems.

The work would be done on behalf of the Consolidated Fire Protection District.

With the vote, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works will prepare construction documents and seek jurisdictional approvals for the project, which is said to help provide for the Fire District's current and future needs and bring facilities up to code.

The project will also satisfy the Board of Supervisors "Green Building/Sustainable Design Program" by construction a system that can provide safer drinkable water for Fire District personnel, officials said according to county documents.

The design phase is scheduled to commence with the creation of construction documents in August. The project may not be completed until March 2016.


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