Pasadena Unified API Scores Show Minimal Improvement

Figures released on Wednesday show the district as a whole improved by one point - look below to see how Altadena schools did.

Figures released Wednesday show that the students showed a minor improvement in API scores from 2010 to 2011, going from 759 to 758.

The API is a number between 200 and 1000 that reflects performance level of a school, sub group and district, based on statewide testing. Its purpose is to measure the academic performance and growth of schools. The state target is 800.

The table below shows all the PUSD schools in Altadena as well as all the high schools in the district.  For data on every PUSD school please refer to the report on the state's website.  There is also a district-wide report breaking scores down by demographic and learning category groups.

Every school in Altadena showed improvement from last year except for , which showed a minor dip (though it still achieved one of the top overall scores among Altadena schools) and , which dropped 41 points.  showed the most improvement of any school in the district, with a 63 point gain.

But Jon Gundry, the district superintendent, noted in a press release that only about half of the schools district-wide improved their scores while nearly the same number had a significant drop off in their scores.

"I am pleased that schools demonstrated improvement, especially those that made substantial gains this year, and I am deeply committed to working with the schools with scores that dropped or remained low," wrote Gundry in the release.

"I have set an immediate course of action to examine the reasons for the inconsistencies in school performance and to make adjustments tailored to each school. Administrator and school teams began this work earlier this month and will continue throughout the year."

Below are the Altadena school scores:

School 2011 Growth 2010 Base 818 755 816 823 789 777 745 786 736 717 746 692 890 793 693 683 John Muir High School 650 631 Pasadena High School 758 757 Blair High School 717 753 Marshall Fundamental 764 749

The state determines API scores using a weighted formula. The formula includes the tests administered in May, and the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). The California Standards Test (CST) results are most heavily weighted.

Editor's note: The initial version of this story did not include Franklin Elementary's scores and incorrectly stated that Aveson Charter School was the only Altadena school to have a score drop.

navigio September 01, 2011 at 02:26 PM
note that all altadena traditional public schools improved, though this may not be too meaningful for people who dont put a lot of stock in test scores. the achievement gap has technically declined but this may be more a result of either people leaving the district or some higher performing subgroups being classified differently. not possible to tell without more demographic analysis. the variation in scores is pretty troubling if not primarily because it makes it difficult to take the results too seriously. I think some of the negative results can be attributed at least partly to the impact of the teacher layoffs (and subsequent re-hiring) due to budget cuts (caused some major moving around of teachers), though there are some other yoy changes that cant be attributed to that and almost dont make sense (there was a puzzlingly large drop in many schools' hispanic scores this year, for example, but there are also others). if anyone is looking for and willing to accept positives though, there are a lot of them in here, especially when looking at subgroup results. Rosebud deserves special mention for an african american subgroup api that exceeded some white subgroup api results in other elementary schools. Roosevelt did nearly as well on that front. i look forward to the district's further analysis..
Kevin September 01, 2011 at 06:09 PM
Is the Rosebud Academy part of the PUSD system?
navigio September 01, 2011 at 06:54 PM
it is a charter school that has been rather small in the past and this year should finally have over 80 kids which allows it to request facilities from pusd. it will be in loma alta this year. other than that i dont know much about it..
navigio September 01, 2011 at 07:42 PM
In addition, Rosebud's charter is through PUSD, but it is a direct funded charter, which means directly funded by the state as opposed to the funding running through the district (in fact all PUSDs charters are direct funded charters, as are most in california). It is 77% african american and 19% hispanic (the rest mixed race). It has fairly low rates of ELL, Poverty and Special Ed students.


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