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Learning correct form and function thereby receiving most benefit and eliminating possibility of injury.

As I was out walking this morning, I was thinking how often I hear people tell me they've learned something from a video or YouTube instead of a teacher.

Granted, while many ARE receiving benefits from doing the latest Px90 or Insanity many are also being injured because they're not using proper form or, at the very least, not getting the most benefit. How many times I've heard people say "I tried ..... (fill in the blank)... and it didn't 'work' for me."

I cringe when I look at YouTube videos of people swinging clubs and/or kettlebells. I've seen numerous dvd's where the trainer will talk about proper form yet, his students in the video are not displaying it. What's up with that?

For me, when I'm learning something a teacher will show me something and, I'll think I'm doing exactly what I saw. Well, no.... usually not. They show me again and I'll say, uh huh! Yep! I see that! And, I'm STILL doing it wrong! They have to show me how I'm doing it wrong before I can change it. 

For instance, in doing a basic kettlebell swing (the queen of all kb movements), the crown should be in alignment with the spine. So often I see the eyes looking straight ahead during the downward swing. The swinger often wonders why they have neck/shoulder pain after a good playout.

My suggestion, if you want to receive the most benefit out of your work/playouts, find a really good teacher, one who understands form and function and then take that into your dvd play.

Enough for today ~


Revvell P. Revati is a natural health practitioner/educator, private trainer and Sahaj Bodytherapist and EFT master with more than 3 decades of learning and teaching.

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