What Causes Your Emotional Weight-Loss Self-Sabotage?

What Causes Your Emotional Weight-Loss Self-Sabotage? Using energy techniques eliminate cravings and unconscious indulging. Break the dieting cycle by focusing on the cause and the solution.

How many times have you gone on weight-loss diets and sabotaged them?

Does any of this sound familiar? "One bite wont hurt!" "It's Satuday (Sunday, evening, holiday, with family, etc.) I can enjoy myself this one day/time." "I've been good all week. I deserve to splurge once-in-awhile!" How about... "It's a buffet! I've got to get my money's worth!" (That was mine!)

Whenever we go on an elimination diet especially, we feel as though we're being deprived of something and when we feel deprived, our little monkey minds jump into action and can rationalize ANY reason to eat! In actuality, when we go on an elimination diet, we're eliminating something our body's need to feel sated and nourished, whether it be protein, carbohydrates or fats. We need ALL of them, every day in order to maintain balance w/in our nutrition.

Not only that, we're "trying" to do it all with willpower and, willpower will often work for a short time yet, as long as we're attempting to eliminate excess weight by sheer willpower, i.e. eating what we don't want; eliminating what we do want and/or making ourselves do exercises we hate, we are bound to fail!

There are other reasons though, as to why diets aren't working at least for any length of time, and they have nothing to do with food (or exercise)...

Have you ever been stressed out because of work, or because of a relationship, or about your weight and how you feel about yourself, or anything else…and reached for some "comfort" food?

You know…stuff like cookies, pasta, pizza or whatever that is for you. Whatever food you know isn’t a part of the healthy “diet” you want to be on....

Or have you ever skipped exercising, even for weeks or months at a time, because you felt you were too busy, or because you felt unmotivated, or because you just felt too overwhelmed by life to get yourself to exercise?

Well, it's not your fault! You're looking in the wrong direction!

Most people who are looking to eliminate weight look outside themselves ~ at food and/or exercise as I've said, instead of inside .

We don't need one more diet or one more ab exercise...

What we struggle with is what's going on internally, deep in our unconscious minds, that's making it difficult to make good eating and exercising decisions; as well as biologically triggering fat gaining hormones in our body that prevent us from losing weight.

When we’re stressed we make worse decisions about what to eat, breaking our eating and exercise habits, and then we struggle to digest quickly, putting on more weight!

When in a state of stress, even when we do lose weight we'll worry about putting it back on leading to more stress and more unconscious eating.

The answer to stopping this cycle is through the use of various energy techniques. Through these techniques, we can get to the root cause of why we react as we do to certain situations and stop the cravings, rationalizations and unconscious indulging.

Enough for now...

Revvell P. Revati

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Lisa Maiorana October 13, 2012 at 09:22 PM
not sure, maybe you can find the answers on the blog I did on this a year ago....lol ;)


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