Hollie Hojek
My initials are HMH. Hollie Marie Hojek, or as my dad likes to say, High Maintenance Hollie. I live in Homer Glen, I drive a Honda, and I'm a part-time waitress at Houlihans. (Notice all the H's-oddly enough there's a study that says people associate themselves with things/places/people that remind them of themselves.) hmmm. I'm the middle child, one older sister and one younger sister. I have the best parents in the world and my dogs are my children-Chopper, Hunter and Monroe. 
Anyways, I've been interested in reporting since I was a little girl. My sisters and I would put on newscasts in the back room of our house. We'd have my mom record it as we sat behind a party table, with coffee mugs filled with water or chocolate milk. We even drew up the weather reports on colored construction paper. That's when I knew reporting was for me =). Being a journalist is the most rewarding career I can think of. I get to learn about people, places, events, politics, sports, crime, organizations etc. This job allows me to continue my education every day. At the same time, I get to help inform people. The options are endless, the freedom is motivation and the results are amazing. One day I hope to be a full-time investigative reporter. I'm also interested in covering sports, health, and general interest pieces. I hope to one day combine my love for reporting with my creative passion of video editing. I want to create investigative feature pieces.  Aside from my serious side---I am quite the clown. I love to laugh and make people laugh. I would love to host a show or join the circus (jk). But hosting a show would be fun!  My new favorite thing to do is write down people's phrases or sentences that have most likely never been said before. It's a lot of fun. Most recent, "I'm gonna be honest, I wanna lie." -Hollie Maybe I'll create a new column! "Never Been Said." 
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