gregorio -x
i am honored and touched that you have planted a tree for me… and to hold a place so special as a bay windows view… i admit a tingling of sensation -- reminding me of that book i had mentioned - Secret life of Plants - that indeed describes these psychic tendrils…. it is not a book that needs to be read straight thru… you could just pick a chapter that pops out - but you Must get this book .. you may roll your eyes at some spots in there, (although there are many scientific studies sited - and gone into … as well as famous characters dropping in, like da vinci , goethe, aristotle, ) but it is at the Very least ~ provocative.. /// i appreciate my new indian name, and you joining in on that theme.. (but am little embarrassed by such a soft touch… you know, i fear my machete side has been cut off :) ………………… so (merde!) - can it be modified ever so slightly … hmmm, like *He who tangos with trees.. no. not that. OK. How about this ~ or He who Hangs with Trees. yes, that sits right… (machete still in tact.. :) or if not that, the more playful *He who hangs from trees… or the unashamedly suggestive *He who is Hung like a …a… :) .. (a bit too much machete, there. pardon)………………. and now YOU shall be ~ *She Who Now Hangs the Person Who just Changed My Carefully Chosen Name for Him ---- ;) but i think that is a bit too long, (especially in an emergency) and should be shortened to ~*She who hangs with trees, too. or…. if that is too short, how is ~ *She who hangs like fruit in a tree… (now i must duck and take cover)
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