Eating in Altadena: Joseph Shuldiner’s Picks

Altadena Farmers’ Market founder Joseph Shuldiner highlights local food and food-related products in a recent Lifestyle Mirror piece. What are your local food picks?

Altadena could be the next best food community, Lifestyle Mirror proclaimed in a recent article that noted, “Move over, Portland and Brooklyn.”

Many Altadena residents are likely not surprised by this.

From locals growing and trading their own produce to the relatively new Institute of Domestic Technology and Altadena Farmers’ Market that have already been showcased by Bon Appétit and other publications, Altadena is ripe—pun intended—to be a food-focused destination.

Incidentally, Joseph Shuldiner is the person behind the Institute of Domestic Technology and Altadena Farmers’ Market so who better to highlight some of their food finds?

Among Shuldiner’s picks in the Lifestyle Mirror piece are the jams from Altadena Farmers’ Market vendor Sqirl, who sources from family-owned farms that use organic and sustainable practices.

Read the rest of Shuldiner’s recommendations in Lifestyle Mirror here.

What Altadena food or food-related items, groups or events would you recommend? Share your picks in the comments section below.


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