At Last, Facebook Lets You Edit Your Comments

Ever wrote something on Altadena Patch's Facebook page or anywhere else and felt you could have been more articulate? Now you can edit your comment - but there is a catch.

We've all been there: the brilliant comment you thought you left on Facebook suddenly has a word missing a vowel, bad punctuation, or maybe just wasn't quite as brilliant as we originally thought.

Facebook's latest change is to allow you to go back to any post that you have written and edit it without deleting it.

Previously, you would be required to delete it and rewrite it.  That's just as effective a way to edit, except that your new comment would be moved to the bottom of the comment queue, meaning any responses it received would no longer make sense.

However, there is a catch - according to this PC World article, the new editing system won't work very well for hiding a controversial comment you want to retract.  Once you edit a comment it shows on the feed as 'edited' and other users can click on the link to see previous versions of your comment - that means it may be more useful for fixing a typo than anything else, as PC World points out.

To use the new option, simply go to the little pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of the box that contains your comment (if you are confused, check out the photo on right from the Altadena Patch page).

You then select 'edit' and the text box will open up so you can change your words anyway that you want.

If you have not yet checked out the Altadena Patch Facebook page, please follow the link and have a look - it's a great way to keep informed about Altadena news throughout the day.  We post there at least three times daily on week days.  

uj September 22, 2012 at 07:33 AM
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