71 Votes Cast for Town Council; One Candidate Receives Zero Votes

The low turnout was expected as there were no opposition candidates on the ballot and two districts where no candidate filed to run. One candidate did not receive a single vote.

Seventy-one people showed up to vote in the 2012 Altadena Town Council elections on Saturday, electing a slate of candidates who were running with no opposition.

Vote totals for candidates ranged from zero cast for Town Council Chair Sandra Thomas to 25 cast for new candidate Bernardean Broadous.  The Altadenablog reports that Thomas is currently hospitalized, which would explain why she did not vote for herself.

Seventy-eight votes were cast in the election, but there were seven ballots that were ruled invalid: three were voters who selected a candidate not in his or her census tract, two were write-in candidates for the 4601 tract cast for "Beth Grambling," and two others were not clearly marked, according to Town Council Chair Eric Pierce.

The full voting counts are as follows:

Tract Name Vote Count 4601     OPEN 0 4602     Okorie Ezieme 9 4603.01     Judy Matthews 6 4603.02     Dr. Sandra E Thomas 0 4610     Bernardean Broadous 25 4611     OPEN 0 4612     Reginald A Wilkins 18 4613 Diane Marcussen 13

Regarding the two ballots cast for Beth Grambling, Town Council Election Committee Chair Eric Pierce said he would pass the information on to the Council, which will be appointing people to fill the seats where nobody filed to run.

Regarding Dr. Thomas receiving zero votes, Pierce said that since she was on the ballot unopposed, she will be reelected to the seat and will not require the Town Council to vote her in as an appointment.  

In last year's elections 353 voters cast ballots, though there were opposition candidates on the ballot during that election.  Turnout was light that year compared to other recent elections, which have seen more than 700 people come out to vote, according to the Altadenablog.

Ezieme, Thomas, Marcussen are all incumbent council members who have served for multiple years.  Matthews, a retired federal court official and community volunteer, was appointed to a vacant seat on the Town Council earlier this year.

Broadous, who will be serving for the first time on Council, has served on the West Altadena Project Area Committee and the PUSD Districting Task Force that helped come up with the districting design for the recently-passed Measure A.

Wilkins, the other first time member, has lived in Altadena since 1984 and often posts at the President Streets email group.

Linda R June 10, 2012 at 06:13 PM
Low turnout? Why bother. Shows how influential this secret society is......and remembering also how so many of them (3/16) turned up for the recent meetings on the "wrong side" of town.....only one or two members truly care about Altadena, the rest have their own personal agendas.
Mike Roberts June 10, 2012 at 11:52 PM
I saw more than 3 at the visioning meetings. Dunno who showed up for 1, 2 or 3 meetings but saw at least 5 ATC members over the 3 meetings. It's only the "wrong side" of town if you think it is.
Linda R June 11, 2012 at 04:21 PM
I have lived on the "wrong side" for 44 years and commented accordingly as there was some static from ATC members who live on the "right side" making the trip across town to attend the meetings, specifically Gino Sund.
Beth Gramling June 12, 2012 at 02:42 PM
I showed up to vote, and also has a third year member of the Relay for Life Altadena. I was surprised to find out no one was listed for my part of Altadena. So, I asked about being a 'write-in' and so I did. I have lived in Altadena since 1985 and I think many of us live in Altadena because of it's beauty, history, 'mingled' neighborhoods -for the most part, and because our local government isn't too controlling. Hopefully these positives will remain in place. Let me know if I 'won' the seat on the town council! Happy to serve- Beth Gramling
Dan Abendschein (Editor) June 12, 2012 at 04:32 PM
@Beth - I think they will look to fill the seat by having the Council appoint someone, but if you want to serve, they will definitely be looking for someone. If you get in touch with someone on the Council (there are some email addresses up on altadenatowncouncil.org) I'm sure they will be interested to hear from you.
Eric Pierce June 19, 2012 at 07:34 PM
Beth- I've been trying to contact you regarding the seat, but the telephone number you provided comes up as "no longer in service." Can you contact me ASAP at 664-4300?


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