Town Council Preview: PUSD Districting, Commercial Trash Franchise

What's on the agenda at Tuesday's Altadena Town Council meeting.

The main feature of Tuesday's Altadena Town Council meeting will likely be the hearing on a proposed private high school in Altadena, but the agenda also includes an update on the PUSD Districting Task Force process, a possible commercial trash contract, and several other items.

Bernardean Broadus, who represents Altadena on the PUSD task force that is looking at a plan to divide PUSD into electoral subdistricts, will discuss some of the possible plans on the table right now.

The meeting will also include discussion of a possible trash franchise for businesses in Altadena, which will be presented by a County Department of Public Works officials.  Altadena's residential customers were switched to a trash collection franchise in September.

The Council will also discuss and possibly select a new candidate to take over a seat on the Council which has been vacant the last few months.

The meeting is at 7 p.m. on Tuesday at the Altadena Community Center.  The full agenda is posted at right.


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