Saturday Updates: 2,100 Without Power in Altadena as of Saturday Night

Many SoCal Edison customers, which includes Altadena residents, are still without power.

2,100 Without Power in Altadena (5 p.m.): 2,100 customers in Altadena still don't have power, according to Gil Alexander of SoCal Edison.  There were 5,600 customers without power in Altadena on Friday.  As of Saturday afternoon there were about 73,000 Edison customers countywide without power. 

According to Alexander, the three concentrated areas where most of the power outs are:

1) The rough area bounded by Loma Alta on the north, New York on the south, Midlothian on the east, and Holliston on the west.

2) Midwick on the north, Washington on the south, Altadena on the east, and N. Allen on the west.

3) Athens on the north, New York on the South, Allen Avenue on the east, N. Marengo on the west.

There may be other isolated power outage areas beyond these, but most of the homes fall into those areas, according to Alexander.

Distribution Center to Open Again on Sunday: The distribution center at Altadena Community Center will be open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m, according to Gil Alexander of SoCal Edison.  There will also be Edison employees walking through neighborhoods to listen to concerns and work on them, he said.

High Winds Forecast (2:45 p.m.): The National Weather Service has issued a new high wind advisory for Monday and Tuesday in Los Angeles County.  A wind advisory is also in effect for Saturday night and Sunday, meaning we could see 25 to 35 mph winds on those days.  A high wind advisory could mean gusts as high as 58 mph.  The alert was just issued, so we'll monitor for more detailed information.

Extended Outages for Some Customers: According to City News Service, 9,400 Edison customers have been warned they may have extended outages (presumably beyond Edison's Sunday night goal to get power restored).

SoCal Edison Distribution Center: Flashlights, batteries, ice, and water will be available at a distribution center at the Altadena Community Center from noon to 4 p.m.

96, 882: As of 7 a.m. Saturday morning, SoCal Edison reports there are still 96,882 customers without power county-wide.

135 Trees, $3.1 million: According to a report sent out by County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, storm damage has been assessed at $3.1 million so far, and 135 trees have been reported downed in the La Canada Flintridge area, which includes La Canada, Altadena, Glendora, and Azusa.

SoCal Edison Distribution Centers: Sheriff's Department volunteer Carolyn Seitz has sent out an update saying that a SoCal Edison center to distribute flash lights and ice will likely be set up at the .

Power to be Restored Sunday Night: SoCal Edison has announced it will have all power restored by Sunday night, according to its website.  So far, about 65 percent of customers have power back.

Latest Power Update: 5,600 households are without power in Altadena, according to Vanessa McGrady of SoCal Edison.  McGrady also said that while there is still not estimate on when power will be back right now, the utility hopes to release an estimate some time tonight.  She noted that people wanted up to date info throughout the process can check the utility's Twitter feed @socaledison.  Meanwhile, here at Altadena Patch, we will be following up and bringing you the new estimate tonight if there is one.

McGrady also said that estimates on power restoration on the SoCal Edison site are not necessarily accurate, and that residents should not count on power being restored by the listed times.

Finally, McGrady noted that more windy weather is forecast this weekend, which could affect the repair process.  She also said that some downed poles have not been reached by Edison crews yet, and people should avoid going anywhere near any wires on the ground.

Yard Waste Hauling: Bob Spencer of the County DPW says the department will not be hauling off storm-related yard waste curbed by Altadena residents.  We're asking Athens Service if they will be doing any extra loads, and we'll try to have an answer on that soon.  Spencer did say that there will be some yard debris drop-off events set up in the area for this weekend.  We should have some more information on that soon.

Knock 5,000 More Off the List: The latest figure from SoCal Edison is about 135,000 without power, according to Montrose Patch.  That's 5,000 fewer than this morning's 8 a.m. estimate.  Still trying to get specific updated figures for Altadena, and more information on the accuracy of the outages map.

Power Restored: Lt. Duane Allen of the Altadena Sheriff's Station said the following areas have had some homes with power restored:

  • Mendocino and Fair Oaks area, north of Mendocino, west of Fair Oaks.  
  • Some homes around the intersection of Altadena and New York
  • Lake Avenue around Farnsworth Park
  • Loma Alta Boulevard west of Lake
  • Allen Avenue north of Washington

The station, meanwhile, is still running on generator power, Allen added.  Some traffic lights are back on, but most are still out, he added.  SoCal Edison has not given any estimates about what to expect for other homes to get powered back up, Allen said.

Found Dogs: A couple of Altadena residents are reporting they found dogs wandering the streets last night, one a golden retriever, one a chow mix puppy.

Webster's Pharmacy Open: owner Meredith Miller wrote Patch Friday morning to let people with prescriptions know that the pharmacy is open today.  There is still no power, but people who need their medications can get helped there.

Still No Estimated Time on Power Restoration: SoCal Edison Lois Pitter Bruce told Patch the utility still is unable to estimate when power will be on for all customers.  Crews are continuing to run into new problems wherever they go, she said.

"Every time we go somewhere are crews find something they don't anticipate," Pitter Bruce said.

The latest figures show around 140,000 people without power, down from its peak at 226,000.

Bruce said she look up the figures to provide a more exact number for how many in Altadena lack power.

She also said that the figures on SoCal Edison's outage map showing how many are out of power may not be accurate.

Quiet Night: A Los Angeles County Fire Department representative told Patch there were no significant calls in Altadena Thursday night.

Power Situation: Despite a night without the high winds that were originally predicted, many in Southern California are still without power, including about 150,000 SoCal Edison customers, according to the City News Service.

That includes many customers in Altadena: a rough count of the listed outages show about 12,500 customers still don't have power, compared to around 13,000 mid-day on Thursday.

Utilities and public works crews will be back at work Friday to continue to clean up damage.

Friday is still forecast to be windy in Altadena, but not at the level of a high wind advisory: winds could be around 25 to 30 mph, according to the National Weather Service, with gusts of up to 35 mph.

Revvell December 06, 2011 at 02:10 PM
Oh yeah, yeaaha, I know where snow is and, it's not in Altadena which is what we're talking about here. My personal are boring? So, get a rotary phone. It's time people began taking responsibility for themselves now we know what the issues are and can be, eh? I keep Heart tincuture on hand for any possibility of heart or stroke problems. I didn't say everything is a-o.k. I did mention those with medical problems. Funny how you have selective reading skills.
Revvell December 06, 2011 at 02:20 PM
Yes, I am and yes, they do have direct connect to Edison. I was one on the phones taking calls from citizens and reporting directly to Edison and Public Works about lines and trees down and yes, we had the same spiel as Edison ~ "... we have no clue when the power is going to be on." Yes, were getting reports back from the patrols about streets closed due to trees down... Whoaaaa! "...show they are part of the community ... and not just write tickets and make arrests????" Are you out of your ever-loving mind? With the help of Steve McClean, they have cleaned out the gangs in our city; they've brought in help from various agencies around our area; they called in everybody they could to slow traffic on Wednesday night (including myself and my partner as I stated before).... Yanno, try a litt;e appreciation instead of belittling people you have no clue about. The men and women of the sheriff's department stayed well beyond their shift time to assist in this. You think none of them were affected by power outages and didn't want to be home with their own families? Think again. Yeehaw.... it seems it's all about you! you! you! And if things aren't the way YOU want them, YOU have nothing to do but find ways to blame everyone you can ~ Edison, Public Works, Antonovich, the sheriff's dept... etc. Were you other there Wed. night helping out? I think not. Were you there answering phones? Nope! Quit yer bitchin' and man up.
Gary Edwards December 06, 2011 at 02:44 PM
@ revvell that's Captain steve mclean. duh, really, whoaaaa, hold on, come on now, oh yeahhh. the man has a title that he earned.
Revvell December 06, 2011 at 02:49 PM
Very correct Gary. Thank you. My bad. *holds head down in shame* (sincerely)
yeahian December 07, 2011 at 08:37 AM
athens will accept stuff in their containers


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