Report: I-5 Beating Victim from Viral Video Arrested in Altadena

The victim of a recorded 'road rage' video taken on the 5 Freeway that has gone viral on the web was arrested in Altadena this week on a separate charge. His alleged assailants were also arrested this week.

A man whose beating on the 5 Freeway went viral on the Internet this week was arrested in Friday on a misdemeanor charge stemming for a separate incident, according to a ABC7 report.

Jerry Patterson, of Palmdale, whom authorities have identified as the man in the video knocked to the ground and punched and kicked in the head by two assailants, was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor warrant out of Long Beach for failure to appear in court, according to the ABC report.

That case, oddly enough, also had to do with a fight started on the side of the road that was also captured on video, the station reports.  Patterson was arrested at the home of his Altadena girlfriend, according to ABC7.

The station report that the two arrested and charged with assaulting Patterson in the incident on the 5 Freeway are 21-year-old David Mendez and 27-year-old Erdas Ramirez, who were arrested Wednesday.

ABC7's full report can be viewed above or on their website.  A YouTube video of the 5 Freeway incident is also posted here.  Be warned, both videos show serious violence.  


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