Sheriff's Clarifies Burglary Suspects' Altadena Ties

Four arrests previously reported to be linked to Altadena property crimes actually did not have an Altadena connection, while another recently burglary arrest in Pasadena is connected to two Altadena vehicle burglaries.

A on Aug. 30 inaccurately linked four Monrovia men arrested in Pasadena to property crimes that took place in Altadena, based on erroneous information passed on by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The story stated that the four suspects, who were arrested in Pasadena for receiving stolen goods, had property that was reported stolen by Altadena residents. 

In fact, while stolen Altadena goods were found in a recent Pasadena burglary case, it was not for the four people arrested on Aug. 25, according to Lt. Joe Dempsey of the .

Rather, it was a single person who was arrested on Aug. 21 for two vehicle burglaries who was found to be in possesion of items that were reported stolen by Altadena residents, he said.

Those goods were traced to two separate vehicle burglaries that took place on Palm Street, Dempsey said.

Altadena had a recent in the eastern part of the city, and also has seen an increase in .

Gabhlan September 29, 2011 at 05:47 AM
Palm, big surprise there... East Altadena needs more Sheriff patrols period.


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