Two Homes Burglarized During Power Outages

Two homes in Eastern Altadena were broken into and burglarized on Thursday, the afternoon after power went out for most of Altadena.

Two home-invasion burglaries happened Thursday afternoon in East Altadena during the first day of power outages in the city.

The first burglary happened Thursday afternoon in the 1800 block of Pepper Street.  Information was published by the home owner on a local email forum and is republished without names or exact addresses with the permission of the homeowner.

According to that homeowner, while she and her husband went out to get batteries, flashlights, and other supplies that afternoon, somebody smashed her back kitchen window and entered the home.  They came home to find missing electronics including laptops and cameras, as well as jewelry, money and three guitars.

They used pillowcases from inside the home to carry out all the goods.

The second case happened on Coolidge Avenue, in between the blocks of New York and Berendo, also on Thursday afternoon.  Homeowner David Hwang wrote about the case on a local email forum and gave permission to Altadena Patch to write about it.

Hwang said the back door of his home had been pried open with a crowbar, and jewelry, bags, cameras, and other valuables were taken.  He said detectives came by to dust for fingerprints.

Lt. Duane Allen of the Sheriff's Department, said he was aware of one of the burglaries, but said because the station has not had power, it has been difficult to keep track of police reports.  He had told Patch on Friday there had only been since the power outages.

The department has been urging residents to stay inside during the night while in areas with significant power outages, and have brought in extra units to patrol the city during the outages.


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