New Altadena Council Members Sworn In

On Tuesday, the new Altadena Town Council members took their seats, while departing members were honored.

Altadena’s new Town Council members were sworn in on Tuesday night, while the departing members were honored for the service to the community.

The new Town Council consists of Okorie Ezieme (tract 4602), Judy Matthews (tract 4603.01), Dr. Sandra Thomas (tract 4603.02), Bernardean Broadus (tract 4610), Reginald Wilkins (tract 4612), and Diane Marcussen (tract 4613). There are two vacant council seats, for tract 4601 and 4611, as no one ran in the election to fill these seats.

Broadus and Wilkins are first-time Altadena Town Council members. Ezieme, Marcussen and Thomas have served on the Council for a number of years, and Matthews was appointed to a vacant seat earlier this year.

The outgoing Town Council members were Gino Sund (tract 4601), Tecumseh Shackelford (tract 4610), Allen Wasserman (tract 4611) and Ruth Neilan Edwards (tract 4612).

The 2012 Town Council election saw an extremely low turnout, with only 78 ballots cast. Seven of those ballots were ruled invalid. All of the candidates ran unopposed, and one even received zero votes.

Linda R July 19, 2012 at 04:53 PM
The Altadena Town Council, the best kept secret in Altadena! How many folks in town even know about this group of pseudo-politicians (with a few who truly are reps for our town).......and good riddance to Gino Sund, who complained about going "cross town" for the Vision Meetings.....so much for "community service"........also good riddance to Tecumseh, the YES man to anything and speaking for "all" apparently.... Of course there is much to be desired in some of the remaining members, but I need to keep in mind, they are there for "all" of us.....or are they......too much bad history here. Let's see, 71 valid votes.....that in itself speaks volumes! Are they doing a good job? How could they when a majority of residents don't even know they exist, yet they speak for "all"!


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