Baggett Contributors: Construction Companies Along With PUSD Board Members

A look at the campaign contributors to PUSD challenger Sean Baggett

On Tuesday the campaign contributions of Seat 6 Pasadena Unified School Board incumbent Tom Selinske, while reporting that challenger Sean Baggett's most up-to-date campaign contribution reports had not been filed on time.  The election is next Tuesday.

The reports have now been submitted to the Pasadena City Clerk's office, and below we present a report on Baggett's contributors.

In March's primary election Selinske came in at just under the necessary "50 percent plus one" majority, getting about 47.3 percent of the total ballots cast. His challenger, local Tea Party-backed candidate , took home about 35 percent of the vote.

Since that vote, the race has , with news of Baggett's previous criminal record coming to light, and Baggett allies accusing Selinske of improperly voting on a PUSD contract that would benefit a former campaign worker.

Candidate: Sean Baggett

Total cash contributions: $17,692

Non-cash contributions: $4,500

Expenditures: $18,444.97

Loans received: $1,600

Donor highlights:

-Baggett's single largest contributor was Kim Kenne, who was elected to PUSD Seat 2 in March's primary election.  She gave his campaign two donations totaling $4,500.  Board members Ramon Miramontes and Scott Phelps each made non-monetary contributions estimated at $1,500 each to pay for Baggett's campaign mailings.  The Pasadena Weekly reported in February that Miramontes and Phelps were targeting the incumbent candidates in the board race, and were also supporting Kenne, so these contributions could be seen as confirmation of that. 

-Baggett was supported by members of the Pasadena Patriots (though he has said he is not a member), a local Tea Party-affiliated group, and received a $150 contribution from Michael Alexander, the head of the group. 

-Several local construction firms, contractors, or development companies, some of which have done work for school districts appear on his list of contributors, including:

  • Telacu Construction Management - $2,500
  • Del Terra Real Estate Services Inc., a construction management firm - $2,500
  • The Seville Group, Inc. - $1,500
  • Prieto Maintainence Inc. - $500
  • Orbach, Huff, and Suarez LLP, which handles construction contracts for local firms - $500
  • Techzone Networks, which does contract I.T. work - $500
Laura Monteros April 14, 2011 at 08:46 PM
Hmmm....and there's that District Service Center property on Woodbury that the PUSD has been wanting to develop for decades...and Jackson across the street that they wanted to close...and Muir, which sits on a huge adjacent parcel, a school one might say (one being me) has been neglected and even maligned by the district since the days of VV....
Gene Stevenson April 15, 2011 at 03:24 AM
What a fine mess. Ollie! I noted a sizeable display ad in this week's Pasadena Journal, warning voters about the danger of a Tea Party member being elected to the Board. However, given the entanglements that continue to be cited about Mr. Baggett (very nice guy that he is) and this revelation re. the identity of his largest single contributor, looks like one-half of the Tea Party agenda (if there is one here) has already been accomplished and one of the horses is already out of the barn.


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