Public Input from First Altadena Community Visioning Workshop Released

With a second county Altadena Community Visioning workshop scheduled for Wednesday night, the county has released public input gathered at the first April 4 session.

With a second workshop on visioning Altadena's future scheduled for Wednesday night, the county consultants running the project have released the public input gathered at the first meeting.

At the first county , the consultants asked participants to stick Post-It notes to the wall laying out what they treasure about Altadena, the challenges Altadena faces and their vision for its future.

that shows which words were most commonly named in each exercise by the 125 or so participants at the meeting.

For those who would rather read all the responses that were made at the April 4 workshop, the first file at right contain all the post-it note responses sorted by category.  The second file shows the second part of the night's exercise, where participants sorted themselves into groups and discussed some of the common themes that came up during the post-it notes.

Each group drew up a set of goals and ideas for how to make some of the visions suggested by participants work and ideas for how to overcome some of the problems identified at the workshop.  All those ideas are listed at right in the second file.

The purpose of the ' is to gather public input on what potential changes should be made to update Altadena codes, as well as take a broader look at what priorities county planners should have for Altadena's future.  That will include "future land use, economic developments, streetscape improvements, open space, safety, and preservation of local character."

The public input will be used to amend the Altadena Community Standards, which governs business and residential codes that are specific to Altadena.  But the input will also be used to look at bigger picture plans for Altadena in the future.



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