Potential Rapid Bus Line Could Run from Downtown L.A. to Altadena Border

One alternative to the 710 tunnel project listed in Metro's list of other options is a rapid bus line between downtown L.A. and JPL, which would run along Woodbury Road.

As part of environmental planning process for a proposed tunnel extension of the 710 Freeway, the Metropolitan Transportation Agency is looking at possible public transportation alternatives, including a rapid bus line that would go between Downtown Los Angeles and JPL, passing along Woodbury Road.

The line, if introduced, would travel faster than a standard bus line; rapid lines, which have fewer stops, run up to 25 percent faster than standard lines, according to MTA spokeswoman Helen Ortiz-Gilstrap.

It's end point would be JPL, giving access to two big job centers, JPL and Downtown Los Angeles on either side of the route.  Where or whether it would stop on Woodbury Road is unknown at this point, Ortiz-Gilstrap said; as a rapid line it would have fewer stops than a standard bus route, she said.

Like all of the alternatives outlined in the documents, the bus line is just one possible concept, and may never be built.

Looking at those alternatives is part of a three-year environmental process that is required by the state for the 710 tunnel to eventually be built.  That tunnel project, which could cost billions by some estimates, would connect the current terminus of the 710 Freeway in Alhambra to the 210 Freeway.  It has attracted strong opposition over concerns about increased traffic on the 210 and pollution in local cities from tunnel vents.

Vincent Gonzalez, the Metro official in charge of public outreach for the 710 corridor project, said other options like the rapid bus line could be introduced in addition to the tunnel, or instead of it.

Metro recently held a series of workshops in local cities to get input on all the 710 alternatives, which include an assortment of new bus and rail routes.

The next step in the environmental planning process is to narrow down which routes to include in the report - Metro will be presenting the new list of options some time this fall, Gonzalez said, allowing for more public input on the project.

A map of the bus route can be viewed at right as can information about other alternatives to the 710 Freeway.  

Steve Lamb June 15, 2012 at 04:06 PM
I;d be a lot more predisposed if it didnt go to JPL but went to Lake avenue. The fact that it is going to JPL indicates someone is thinking of getting JPLers to move out of Altadena and to downtown. JPLers and their scientific geekyness mixed with their love of the arts and localism are an important part of our culture and this would by it's design be very disruptive. Also, rather NOT have more buses even supposedly fast ones on our most congested streets. And HEY how about taking a rail right up Lake from the station @ Lake and the freeway to the top of lake ? You know like 100 years ago. That would serve our ENTIRE community and help revitalize our business zone. I'd ride a rail that went from here to downtown, but now I have to drive to Pasadena. park and take the rail and thats just stupid. It also increases my travel time and cost dramatically. I think the tunnel under South Pasadena is the only option to build the 710, but I think Cal Trans should admit defeat and abandon it and spend the money on good local as extensive as 100 years ago rail.And as Supervisor Antonovich proposed 25 years ago, it should be above ground MONORAIL
Tom Williams June 16, 2012 at 09:30 PM
Guess what...MTA/Caltrans didn't want BusRapidTransit on SanFernandoRd, EagleRock/Colorado, Figueroa, and Valley and no light rail on Rosemead, SanGabriel, Garfield/Atlantic and many other Non-Freeway area wide street and transit improvements So what did they do, whatever MTA/M.Antonovich wanted. What do they want - to confuse, bewilder, frustrate and sneek the Truck Frieght Way through to MA's HiDesert Corridor-CaHiSpeedRail-Palmdale Interrnatl Airport logistics center... SCAGs want the Colton/Inland Empire but MA has his legacy logistics centerr which is deep in the desert land speculation and land options already in place. SR710 North will divert the heavy truck traffic from the I-5 downtown/make up the lion's share of the toll revenue and free up the I-5 for converting to Tolled ExpressLanes from Orange-LA-Kern county (and also to the SR-14 also scheduled for upgrades... Tom
Alexander Hollywood-Man June 18, 2012 at 05:38 PM
Another "Rapid Bus"? Please!! Don't we have enough of those third-world buses! How about MTA proposing a better alternative, than those mediocre slow buses! A Light-Rail would be much more appropriate and popular. Imagine running an LRT train for this corridor. The demand would be higher, and the overall metro-rail ridership would increase, making the whole MTA system much more reliable. Let's think 21st century, let's think "fast and reliable", instead of just primitive bus service.


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